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Shocked man watching something absorbing on his smartphone, steadycam shot

집에서 창 옆에 서있는 슬픈 남자

Woman holding ginger and splits it into two parts

숲, steadycam 샷에 물을 마시는 사람, 슬로우 모션은 240fps로 촬영

Man sitting in the cafe and having problems with his stomach, steadycam shot

밤에 술집에 혼자 앉아 슬픈 남자, steadycam 샷

후 자신의 친구를 위안 경제인은 직장에서 해고

거울에 카메라와 얼굴 반사를 찾고 슬픈 여자.

Girl scratching her hand with fingernails, steadycam shot

카페 및 냉각, steadycam 촬영에 앉아 사려 깊은 사업가

기차에 혼자 여행 슬픈 여자, steadycam 샷

Couple having a fight with each other, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fp

슬픈 여자 야외 카페에 혼자 앉아 뭔가에 대해 생각

Man admires the sunset and feels free, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fp

Couple standing on the beach and fighting with each other, slow motion shot at 2

밤에 거리에 혼자 서 슬픈 여자

친구 집에서 TV를보고 카메라에 미소

Cuple having a quarrel and woman leaving the man, steadycam shot, slow motion sh

Handsome man sitting in the cafe and negates someone's accusation

Female hands moving on the building with descending paint, steadycam shot

관계의 어려움 : 거리를 따라 주장 커플 산책

Friends sitting on the sofa and watching tv at night, steadycam shot

여자는 소파에 그녀의 불행한 친구 위안

View of girl's mouth which is moving during speech

Girl feels sad and crying while speaking with someone on cellphone

Angry girl pulling her hair because of some problems, steadycam shot

두 여자는 카페에 앉아 서로 손을 잡고, steadycam 샷

Handsome man looks worried while drinking alcoholic drink, steadycam shot

60 fps로 밀가루, 슬로우 모션으로 만든 힙

Couple after quarrel sitting on bench at night, steadicam

Unhappy couple walking in the city and arguing, steadycam shot

해질녘 해변 옆에 서있는 동안 남자는 사려 깊은 찾고

공원 및 염증의 남자 친구에 인수 떠나는를 갖는 커플

Surfer surfing on the waves in the sea, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240f

여자가 혼자 앉아 생각 steadycam 샷

View of delicious dessert with fruits on it, steadycam shot

Attractive woman looks worried while thinking about something, steadycam shot

young couple quarrelling at the party

Man drinking beer on the beach during sunset, steadycam shot, slow motion shot a

걱정 소녀 위안과 그녀의 친구들과 대화 나누기

Businesswoman walks to her modern kitchen after work and drinks water, steadycam

술집에서 그녀의 친구를 위안 사업가, steadycam 샷

Young man eating lunch in the cafe and feeling unwell, steadycam shot

Sad woman walking on public square, steadycam shot

행복 친구 이야기와 슬픈 남자가 창 옆에 혼자 서

Sad woman sitting alone on the stairs at night, steadycam shot

Two friends do not want to eat food and look unhappy

몇 방에 밤에 싸움 데.

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