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Hi! I have only small DEMO part of my stock footage portfolio here. For more: https://www.pond5.com/artist/highway_videography I'm ready to shoot directly for Your purposes! Please, write me on alexey.sobchenko.hw@gmail.com!

제품군의 옷깃에 의해 그의 동료를 잡아 화가 젊은 사업가. 그는 싸움을 시작합니다. 하드 대화와 토론. 스마트 폰에서 보스의 모습. 상기 유리 비즈니스 센터 건물 일몰

제품군의 옷깃에 의해 그의 동료를 잡아 화가 젊은 사업가. 그는 싸움을 시작합니다. 하드 대화와 토론. 보스 스마트 폰 작업과 그의 부하를 닫습니다. 유리 사업

Two bananas drops under water. Grey Background

느린. 경력 비즈니스 사람들이 세 가지 확신 긍정적 인 정서적 행복 exulting 기뻐하고 행복 공기에 높은 점프. 현대 유리 비즈니스 센터 건물 지구 BG. 팬텀 플렉스

4k uhd. Young successful businessman working hard at office talking mobile and doing many deals typing keyboard of PC. He looks hurry not managed in time . Glidetrack slider cinematic shooting

정장 야외에서 손을 흔들면서 젊은 쾌활 한 사업가 사업가 : 슬로우 모션. 유리 현대 오피스 빌딩 배경입니다. 근접 크레인 샷

Big white-blue shark slowly swim in aquarium with blue light ambient in background in oceanarium. Close-up shot on Canon 5d mark iii

Handsome Businessman in formal suit and tie desperate can not help You with business deal. Sorry excuse apologise with client concept. Wide POV footage.

4k. Ultra HD. Portrait of young confident sexy caucasian businesswoman with arms crossed disapproval Your opinion. Pomade, brownhair, lady. Negation concept. Formal suit. Modern glass buildings bg

1 단계에서 트럼펫에 재생하는 두 남자

느린. 배경에서 현대 유리 건물과의 제휴를 시작 손을 흔들면서 동료

4k. POV. Portrait Young attractive successful Businessman disappointed of Your business formal suit and tie. Critique in business concept. Modern glass building district background. Teal orange

정장에 손으로 악수를하고 쾌활한 젊은 비즈니스 파트너 남성과 여성이 야외. 광택 현대 오피스 빌딩 지구 BG. 슬로우 모션 가운데 촬영. 청록, 오렌지

슬로우 모션 : 정장 흔들림 손에 두 사업가 파트너. 배경에서 유리 비즈니스 센터 건물. 근접 steadycam 샷

Slow motion: two businessman partner in suit shake hands. Glossy business centre building at background. Close-up steadicam shot

콘서트 장소 1 무대에서 마이크

4K. UHD. 세로 젊은 성공적인 화가 사업가 맹세하고 당신을 미워. 정장 슈트와 수염과 콧수염 넥타이. 높은 밝은 감정. 그의 팔을 흔들며, 싸우고 싶지. 현대적인 건물 지구

Two Young successful businessmen bidding and discuss their deal and trade. First offer his variation with tablet PC. Second debate with coffee in hand outdoor. Glass business centre building sunset at

POV 4k ultra hd Young pretty sexy brownhair Business lady in deal formal suit disagree with Your opinion and reject offer from you in modern office room.

4k. ultra hd. Beautiful rich girl in dressing gown wakes up and out into the yard for some fresh air. She open curtains

4K. UHD. Portrait of Young successful beard businessman in suit and tie disgusted with Your opinion. He looks mistrust with crossed hands. Head denial. Sunny morning teal and orange middle shot

4k pov ultrahd. Businessman attractive Rejecting your offer, he disagree with you, Cross Hands Gesture by Young Man Modern office middle shot. tabletpc, keyboard, monitor, display, documents, mobile

Funny joke. Young businessman have a smartphone talking. Goof stupid competitor running and giving kick ass to suit clothes man and runs away. Businessman overtake rival. Glossy business centre

Two Business partners men in black suit and women in red bright dress do a hand-shake with glass business centre at the background. Slow motion close up

Slow motion. Portrait epic cinematic georgious shot of 3 seriously attractive confident businessmen and businesswoman looking at camera stand arm-cross. Sunset lighting. Brave Barber front person

느린. 배경에서 현대 유리 건물과의 제휴를 시작 손을 흔들면서 사업가 파트너. 청록, 오렌지

4k UltraHD Closeup of young woman hands typing sms scrolling pictures phone. Manicure. indoor teal and orange style

젊은 성공적인 사업가는 쉽게 끝에서 미소와 점프와 야외 계단 레일에 슬라이딩. 배경에서 광택 비즈니스 센터 건물. 청록 오렌지 스타일. 와이드 4K 삼각대 샷

Epic extreme close-up shot of sweaty man outdoor in park. Drop of water on his face macro slow motion. Turning head from dowm to camera

레몬과 오렌지는 슬로우 모션으로 물에 떨어

Sexy woman legs in black high heels shoes walking in the city urban street. Steadicam stabilized shot Slow motion. Red suit. Cinematic teal and orange sunset shot

Pieces of banana drops under water

느린. 세 매력적인 자신감 사업의 서사시 샷 심각하게 카메라를 찾습니다. 섹시한 여자 포마드의 brownhair 앞. 현대적인 건물 지구 BG를 건너 팔을 서있다. 청록, 오렌지. 일몰

자연 알다 브라 자이언트 거북. 하나의 동물

수염과 콧수염, 팔을 교차, 심각한 카메라를 찾고 젊은 자신감 성공적인 매력적인 백인 비즈니스 사람의 초상화. 실업가. 성공 개념입니다. 공식적인 검은 양복, 넥타이

Slow motion. Businessman with brave rejoice and fortunate and lucky of win. He looks prosperous in suit and tie outdoor. Sunrise at glass modern building background. Emotions. Euphoria. Wave hands

4k uhd, Palm trees at tropical coast, vintage toned and film stylized. Vintage coconut palm tree on beach blue sky with sunlight in summer, instagram filter. Tropical, Caribbean, Maldives, Seychelles

4k uhd handy footage. Young attractive guy businessman at the party wear the masquerade costume and grimm of joker with bloody mouse on cheeks. Orange color

4k ultrahd, Palm trees at tropical coast, vintage toned and film stylized. Vintage coconut palm tree on beach blue sky with sunlight in summer, instagram filter. Tropical, Caribbean, Thailand, Mexico

Dead line. Businesslady works with phone, mobile, computer, tablet PC and documents at the same time. Very hard to work with gadjets on business office inside. Dolly glidetrack slider middle shot 4k

Palm trees branches at tropical coast, vintage toned and film stylized. Vintage coconut palm tree on beach blue sky with sunlight in summer. Tropical, Caribbean, Thailand, Mexico, Dominican republic

Two laziness idleness idleness bored employee playing small ball on work place table with computer desktop. I Don't want to do anything helpful or useful on my workplace concept.

Slow motion of orange and green autumn leaves fall from trees. colorful fall season. Sunny

Slow motion of orange and green autumn leaves falling from trees. colorful fall season. morning sunrise

You are fired! Angry businessman boss entrepreneur in formal wear shouting to person showing finger to exit. Wide POV footage. High expression angry. 4k UltraHD.

Angry Young businessman grabbing his colleague by the lapels of suite. He want to start fighting. Hard conversation and debate. Glossy business-centre building sunset at the background. Teal and

4k, uhd. A Wake From a Ship at Sea with Blue Ocean Water, a Horizon, Blue Sky and Clouds. Teal and orange style stabilizing camera. quite waves. Cruise travel

상트 페테르부르크 - 7 월 25 일 : 행복한 결혼 커플 댄스

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